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What is an arborist? Why should they be carrying out the Tree Works?

An arboristis a qualified person, who has undertaken certificate level courses at TAFE, completing a trade course which provides them the skill and knowledge to undertake the pruning works that will best benefit the tree and its health.

Would you use a builder, plumber or electrician that was not trade certified ?Riverland High Works has certified arborists in the field and management.

What are the benefits of Tree Pruning?

Regular pruning ensures your trees are in their optimum condition all year round by improving their health, growth, flowering and aesthetic. Overgrown trees can also pose a risk and inconvenience to your home or nearby power lines.

Do I need council permission for Tree Works on my property?

Each Council has its own Tree Policy. Depending on the species it could fall under the Native Vegetation regulations. Our qualified staff will be able to assess and inform you or followup with the relevant departments. Some Councils allow 10% pruning without needing to put in an application, others require an application for any form of works. All Councils generally have certain species on their list that are considered noxious trees, which you would be allowed to remove or prune with an application. It is best that you check on your Council web site what is allowed.

How much is it going to cost?

There are many things to take into consideration –  such as species, size, location and access, how carefully all the material needs to be lowered down to the ground – is it in the middle of a vacant block or are there delicate plants, fences, or buildings beneath the tree that need to be considered? Does the tree need to be chipped, cut into fire wood, removed or left on site? Is the tree dead, covered in ivy, or have white ant damage?

Having one of our Qualified Staff assess your job for a Free No Obligation Quote, will allow you to know exactly what your best options are.

We can give you the most accurate price and to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

Do you offer a free quote ?

We offer no obligation free quote and expert advice.

Once I approve the quote, how long beore the job can start?

We can usually fit most jobs within a week or two of the quote. We will do our best to get your job done as soon as practicable. How does tomorrow sound?

Do you take away the branches?

Yes! Our quote includes removing everything you ask us to, and we will even tidy up with a blower to make sure your property looks great afterwards! If you are sourcing other quotes, make sure you are comparing apples with apples on this clause, as not all quotes include removal of material.

Can I assist you by heloing to remove the waste

Your safety and ours is very important to us, and due to strict Australian OHS legislation, the works site zone is only permitted to our qualified staff, covered under our Company Insurance.  Your safety, and our reputation is vital to us, so please make sure that you talk to us about what your concerns might be.

If you need to poison the stump will it effect the rest of the garden?

Riverland High Works uses environmentally friendly herbicides that will not travel and only remains in the root system  of that tree.

Why is it important that my contractor be correctly insured?

It is very important that your contractor be correctly insured to protect people and property.

Your home or business insurance will not cover our industry. In the event that there is damage to your property or a staff member gets injured on site, you may be liable for the full expenses – is that worth the risk?

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