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  • Tree Trimming

    Trees need to be trimmed for various reasons including safety and health and also aesthetics. The professional team at Riverland High Works will protect the tree, while achieving the desired result for you.

    All while strictly compliant to the Australian cutting standard AS4373.

    Various processes of dead wooding, crown -thinning, raising and lifting, reduction and shaping are used. Safety in removal and reducing branches that may fall can cause injury or property damage, interference with neighbours and property. Diseases and pest infestations can be removed or reduced through thinning and removing incorrect structure of rubbing and crossing and encouraging wound closure. Trimming can also strengthen its structure. Correct pruning can enhance the Aesthetics of the tree structure and encouraging wildlife to inhabit.

  • Tree Removal

    Riverland High Works understands reluctantly at times, trees are required to be removed completely for various reasons ranging from unsafe, diseased trees, planted in unsuitable position or effecting construction projects. They have qualified and experienced staff, ensuring the tree is dismantled correctly and safely, especially in confined spaces.  Removing all waste or cutting to manageable lengths for use by owner.

  • Stump Removal

    Stump removal is essential, as it can be unsafe as a trip hazard, or pose potential hazards such as ant and pest infestations, or spread diseases to nearby plants.

    Experienced professionals, who understand the correct methods to avoid problems later on, execute the removal of tree stumps. They will treat the stump, then using a specialized Stump Grinder; remove the trunk and root system to minimum of 200mm below ground level.

    With the large horse power and 900m width, they can get through normal gates and with a 1.8mtr sweep, can tackle large stumps in hard to access areas.

    *Note: It is important that underground services (water, power and phone) are located prior to commencement of work, if in close proximity, alternatively the trunk can be left at ground level and the stump poisoned to ensure no regrowth.

  • Tree Assessment

    Do you have a tree that you are worried about? Having a worrisome tree assessed will provide you with peace of mind, and a course of action if needed.  Riverland High Works have qualified staff to provide tree reports that can include details of identification, general tree health and condition, diseases and tree pests, structural integrity, stability of specimen and the impact on its surroundings.  It is also crucial to identify a significant tree or check to see if it falls under the native vegetation regulations act 1991. In these cases, correct procedures must be followed before trimming or removal of Native Trees, or fines many apply. Riverland High Work can submit to the relevant departments for written approval and provide you with a complete service to ensure compliance – hassle free.

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  • Cleaning Gutters, Windows and Solar Panels

    Gutter Cleaning:  TIRED OF RISKING YOUR NECK

     Riverland High Works Industrial vacuum cleaner sucks gutters clean and flush out downpipes whether wet or dry, with no mess or waste to clean up. Leaving your gutters full with debris, could result in water overflow into your building and roofs, damaging the structure, or can rust out your gutters. Having clean gutters will ensure clean rain water into your tanks. It is also very important if you are in a bushfire area to ensure your property is clean from debris to reduce the risk. Our staff are accredited with Working Safely at Heights.


    Hard to get windows in second storey high works or cleaning sills with build-up of webs and dust, we are accredited to do the work safely with reliable and professional service.


    Get your solar panels regularly cleaned to ensure you are getting the most efficient performance from your solar panels. The cleaner your panels, the more effective to increase the feeding of electricity into the grid and more money in your pockets. To get maximum efficiency, the washing of the panels will remove the dust, dirt, bird droppings and leaf debris

  • Elevated Work Platform

    Riverland High Works can provide Elevated Work Platform hire to assist many businesses, along with one of our operators. This service can benefit many businesses  and applications, including  electrician repairs, erection and positioning, sign erection and repairs, painting, photography and filming. We will ensure your safety with correct risk assessment training and equipment.

  • Mulch

    Recycling the leftover wood and leaves from tree trimming, or tree removal through our chipping process will ensure minimum waste to landfill, and is an environmentally friendly use of material.

    Mulch is a highly valuable garden product, effectively controlling weeds, retaining crucial water moisture, reducing soil erosion, all while beautifying your garden.  A 50-75mm coverage is ideal and overtime it will breakdown giving nutrients back into the soil. Best results are achieved when mulch can be left to rest for 3 months before applying to garden beds. Register your address and postcode and we can deliver when available.

  • Property Cleanup

    With Australia’s adverse weather conditions, property cleanup is essential to a safe environment.  We offer storm damage, emergency services and insurance work relating to tree services. We can deal with the insurance companies direct once it is reported, giving photos and assessments of the work required to give you peace of mind during this time. With our very hot conditions it is important to ensure your property is safe from bushfires and unwanted creatures such as snakes. Preparing your property is essential with cleaning up the bush undergrowth and fallen trees around your property, overhanging branches or touching walls, can reduce this risk. Having clean gutters also reduces the fire and water damage risk to your property.

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