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We recognize the importance of protecting and enhancing the environment, and with the cooperation of all our staff and contractors, this is ingrained into our culture. We operate with that objective in mind. Our team conducts all works to minimize any impact to the environment with the use of policy implementation, prevention of pollution and minimal waste, use of energy, materials, products and services, meeting statutory requirements of environmental legislation, agreements and relevant industry standards. We are aware of nature’s creatures that may reside in trees and relocate wherever possible. Recycling of cut material is processed into mulch for gardens, a valuable asset in water retention, reducing water dependence and weed control, wood for fireplaces, garden and park features or artist works. Minimize and where possible, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Minimize impact to the environment
  • Prevention of pollution and minimal waste
  • Meeting statutory requirements of environmental legislation
  • Relocate native wildlife wherever possible
  • Recycling of cut material
  • Minimize/Eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

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